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Are you being denied access to the good life?

Car Loans at low rates

Whether you get a 4% or a 7% advance on a vehicle has a significant impact on the cost of ownership. Is it true that, given your current financial situation and background, you will be able to obtain a low-cost loan?

Mortgage Approvals

Purchasing a property is everything that you may manage to achieve your future. If you don’t have a good credit history, you might not be able to acquire a house loan or low interest rates.

Credit Cards

In an emergency, a credit card is essential. For that urgently needed redesign, or for a getaway, or for any other unforeseen costs. Focuses and compensates as well!

Low interest loans

Getting vehicle and housing loans with high loan fees can be much worse than being turned down. After some time, a good FICO score can save you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Do you have bad credit scores?

We are a credit repair company based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, that has helped a lot of people get their credit back in the past several years. We’re a neighborhood firm that can provide you with a variety of customized services based on your specific needs and foundation. Unlike larger government agencies, we don’t treat you like a statistic on a balance sheet. We work with you one-on-one to ensure that your credit improves to the point where you can buy your next car or home, or just lower your current loan expenses and save thousands. 

Quit getting declined in light of the fact that you have awful credit, and quit paying exorbitant interest on your home advance, automobile advances, and your Mastercards due to your low financial assessment.

Make the most of this chance to modify your financial assessment for pennies on the dollar. Converse with a credit subject matter expert and figure out how you can refocus. Quit paying hundreds or thousands of dollars in exorbitant premium consistently, and figure out how you can set aside cash by further developing your FICO rating. You will approach our different administrations like expense exhortation, protection, speculations, and business advances.

Around 87% of low credit scores should NOT actually be low.

They’re low because of inaccuracies in the credit reports

we can help you to improve bad credit scores

We do NOT charge ongoing monthly fees. We have transparent one-time fixed fee depending on the package you select

Save literally 100s of thousands of dollars by improving your credit score

See examples below:

Interest expense on a $300,000 Mortgage over 30 years

Credit Score less than 600 —> $247,220

Credit Score from 600 – 650 —> $215,609

Credit Score from 650 – 700 —> $155,332

Credit Score from 700 – 750 —> $138,045

Credit Score greater than 750 —> $126,731

Interest expense on a $25,000 Auto Loan over 72 months

Credit Score less than 600 —> $7,001

Credit Score from 600 – 650 —> $6,122

Credit Score from 650 – 700 —> $4,831

Credit Score from 700 – 750 —> $3,989

Credit Score greater than 750 —> $3,161

How does our Credit Repair Process Work?

Credit Report Analysis

We acquire your credit reports and devise a methodology to address the ominous components that are influencing your FICO score.


Credit Report Disputing

For your benefit, our staff will submit important correspondences questioning and testing the incorrect and censorious things.

Report Dispute Escalation

We keep the interaction proceeding for negative things that require more correspondence to ensure your credit rights are sufficiently addressed.

Constant Credit Monitoring

We furnish you with every minute of every day admittance amazingly score examination and credit directing through our online entryway to help you in accomplishing your targets.

The step-by-step process:

You call us for a FREE consultation


We pull your credit report for FREE and start discussing all the negative items you have on it

We explain how we work and how we get your credit score increased


We evaluate all negative items and decide which ones can be removed

We prepare official letters on your behalf and mail the bureaus and ask them to remove those items


We continue disputing the negative items until they're removed

We can help fix your credit score and report

The most affordable rates for the highest quality credit repair service in New Mexico!

Most common misconceptions regarding credit scores

Takes a long time to improve credit

People generally believe that repairing credit takes the majority of the day, and that you must faith that unfavorable marks will disappear. This isn’t correct. A proficient credit repair organization, such as ours, can deliver results in a matter of months. The best aspect is that we don’t charge for expenses on a monthly basis. Our fees are one-time and non-negotiable.

Your income matters

Your FICO rating is unaffected by your pay. It’s never about how much cash you make, yet rather how well you handle what you do have. Since they deal with their funds better, an individual procuring $2,000 a month can and regularly has a preferable FICO rating and report over somebody acquiring $10,000 per month.

You should repair credit yourself

Indeed, acknowledge rebuilding services, for example, our own are expensive, yet remember how useful they are. A considerable lot of the errands we perform COULD be finished by you, however how might you realize what to do? In the event that you ignore even one blunder, the higher loan fee will cost you definitely more than our little one-time expense.

top quality credit repair services

Study finds that most Americans have bad credit – Repair and Boost your Credit Score New Mexico

According to a new study, 56 percent of customers have subprime FICO scores. That means they won’t be able to take advantage of the finest — or even average — lending rates if they need or want money. Only those with excellent credit are eligible for the best rates and conditions.

Add that to the way that house purchasing has really dropped to its least level in around 20 years, and you have a many individuals remaining uninvolved perusing or finding out about how extraordinary the economy is. It’s not extraordinary for everybody, however, and monetary vulnerability isn’t something experienced simply by low-pay families.

On the off chance that you don’t have a clue how your own credit piles up, you can check your acknowledge report outline for “Fix and Boost Your Credit – New Mexico”. Our credit experts will clarify every one of the components that make up your score and guidance for raising or keeping up with it. In case yours isn’t the place where you need it to be, set aside effort to chip away at further developing it before a startling cost emerges. That way, you are substantially more prone to have alternatives for financing.

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Leo is really competent at what he does. The best part is that they charge a legitimate expense rather than the monthly nonsense. I had an embarrassingly low FICO rating due to irresponsibility from my younger years, but “Fix and Boost Credit” helped me raise my score by more than 130 points in just a few months.

– Richard Higgins

Repair your past credit history

We will contact all three credit bureaus and your creditors to challenge the unfair or inaccurate negative records on your report that negatively affect your credit score

Build your future wealth

We are able to educate you with proven methodologies and guide you through steps and actions you must take to continue increasing your credit score and maintaining it into the future


Success with our customers. Highest in the state of New Mexico.

Five important lessons You should know about Credit – Repair and Boost Credit New Mexico

Understanding the Value of a Dollar

Perhaps the toughest lesson to teach teens is the value of a dollar. Many teens aren’t working as they’re focused on school and they may have the perception that simply swiping a card through the credit card reader gets you anything you want. Because of this they have a hard time making the connection between money being spent and using a credit card.

Teens need to be taught early and constantly reminded that credit is debt. This means teens need to understand the idea that just because they have spending room on their credit card it doesn’t mean they have to utilize it.

A potentially easy way to convey the value of a dollar to teens, and to get them to use their credit wisely, is to remove cash from their checking account, or directly from their person, for each corresponding dollar they spend on their credit card. This way there’s a tangible connection of how much they’re spending and they’ll likely make wiser decisions as to whether or not a product or service is worth buying.

How credit card interest and fees work

Secondly, it’s evident from Charles Schwab’s study that most people, especially in their youth, don’t have a good grasp of how credit card interest and fees work, so this would be the next most important topic to tackle.

People need to be taught that what they purchase can actually wind up costing a lot more than the sticker price over the long run if they only plan to make the minimum payment on their credit card. Because most young people are unlikely to have much if any credit history, credit companies are unlikely to give them an attractive APR, making it critical that they understand the connection between interest, time, and how much they choose to pay on their bill.

Under the Credit CARD Act of 2009 credit statements are required to have a minimum balance warning to demonstrate to consumers how much they’d pay in interest if they just made the minimum payment. This can be an important learning tool for young people.

How does your credit score affect you

Once young people have a good grasp on the true value of a dollar and how credit card interest and fees work it’s time to teach them why making their payments on time and maintaining good credit habits is so important. 

In addition to teaching teens the basics about the credit score system, people should be taught about how lenders will use their credit history to determine their interest rate and available balance. Teens also need to understand that their credit score can affect more than just their ability to get a new credit card or obtain a mortgage. As was noted earlier, employers and landlords will often look at an individuals’ credit report to get a bead on their trustworthiness. An individual with a lower score may be viewed as a risk and could lose out on a good job or a favorable apartment or home.

Not all debt is bad debt

Although it’s important people understand the seriousness of using credit to make purchases, they should also be taught that not all debt is necessarily bad. 

For example, teens or their families may not have enough cash on hand to pay for the rising cost of a college education. This means more teens than ever are applying for student loans to get through college. According to The Project on Student Debt, 69% of seniors who graduated from public and nonprofit college in 2013 had some form of student loan debt, with the average student loan equaling $28,400.

While no debt is welcomed with open arms, a student loan could be a path toward a better paying job and career advancement. The Pew Research Center noted earlier this year that Millennials aged 25-32 with a Bachelor’s degree or better earned a median of $45,500 per year in salary compared to just $28,000 for millennials of the same age group that only had a high school diploma. A good education could easily cover the cost of a student loan, making a student loan a potentially smart move.

How to protect your information

Finally, considering the number of credit card breaches we’ve learned of from major corporations over the past years it’s definitely worth teaching teens how to safeguard their information. 

For instance, Facebook and Instagram are popular stops for youong folks these days who want to express to the world the ups and downs of their day. Some might even be tempted to post their accomplishment of obtaining their first credit card online with a photo — a potentially dangerous idea that could wind up with their account information being stolen.

Another common method of account information theft is credit card offers being thrown in the trash. Thieves can very easily pull your info from these offer sheets and open an illegal account in your name. The easy solution is to teach people to shred all credit card offers.

It’s also a smart idea for people to go over their credit report at least once a year and look for discrepancies. Even if identity theft isn’t a problem, it’s quite possible that credit reporting agencies can make mistakes.

We can help get your credit score to higher levels!

We can get you a high credit score

Our Mission Is to Build your credit score that allows you to live the life you deserve

savings due to low interest rates due to higher credit scores
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We can help save you thousands of dollars per year or more. Higher credit score means lower interest rates –> lower monthly expenses


Why should you consider repairing your credit

If you have credit issues you may be considering using “Repair and Boost Credit – New Mexico” to help repair your credit. This may very well be the perfect solution to your problem and a way to make your credit report respectable again. But you should know that credit repair is not a magic fix; it will require some work on your part, and take some time.

A good credit repair service will do a lot, but their effort will focus mainly on sending dispute letters to the credit bureaus. They should also provide advice on rebuilding your credit and managing your existing debt, but the work involved in executing this aspect of your credit repair program will be up to you, and it is critical.

Rebuilding your credit is essential if you want your credit repair effort to result in higher scores and usable credit. Many people shy away from rebuilding because they either believe that they will be denied or because they are just plain nervous about reentering the world of credit. The first fear is incorrect, and the later must be overcome.

The reason that rebuilding your credit is critical to your credit repair success is that credit scores are based on the payment patterns and balance management information you provide to the credit bureaus via your accounts. If you do not have any open accounts the credit scoring software will not have any data on which to base a score. You must feed positive data to the bureaus each and every month.

Managing your new credit cards for credit repair is easy, but the details matter. The credit scoring model will react most favorably if you make your payments right on time each month and keep your balances low. The key to optimizing your scores with new cards is to keep the ratio of your balance to your account limit under twenty percent.

Many people find it convenient to use their new cards to pay for small expenses that they would previously have paid in cash. This is a comfortable way to incorporate debt usage into your credit repair without causing any financial stress. Just use your new cards for the occasional tank of gas or bag of groceries. When you get the bill pay all but five or ten dollars, just to insure the account is always reported as active.

All of this may require a bit of effort, but the payoff will be significant. Opening new secured credit cards and managing them carefully can provide a dramatic boost of over one hundred points within six months of the new accounts reporting. Organize your finances, budget yourself carefully, and start rebuilding your credit today. The sooner you start, the sooner you will have excellent, usable credit again. You can do it!